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Conscious Leadership

a new, Human-Centric approach to develop games and teams in the gaming industry.
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Rise and Play is a knowledge sharing platform for leaders in the gaming industry. We aim to challenge our thinking on how we can develop better games.

Our mission is to bring more consciousness to industry leaders and influencers in order to rethink how we can build game organisations around human-centric values without sacrificing what we’re passionate about: amazing games.

Our lessons

Each lesson is broken down into short online modules of 5-10min. The modules are designed to be watched at your own convenience, pace and preferred order. The real work happens between the lessons, applying the principles learnt in your own leadership practice.

Our mission is to provide future leaders with better tools to rethink how we develop games and teams in our industry.
Therefore, our masterclass is FREE.
50+ lessons
by Sophie Vo
10+ hours of video
plus worksheets & questionaires
10 minutes
average per lesson
A Conscious Leader owns all their emotions, knows their priorities and values in life, knows their WHY, is confident about who they are, never compromises on their core values, acts with clarity and not out of fear, understands the edge of their circle of competence, prioritises time for themselves, cultivates their mind as their best asset in life, takes ownership over their destiny, walks the talk, shows their whole self to the world, cares about their people as humans instead of resources, serves their people's interest before their own.
- The Conscious Leadership Manifesto