Rise and Play Podcast

At Rise and Play, we give voice to leaders, entrepreneurs, educators and influencers of the game industry who are here to make a change. We love games and want to make this industry last through healthy team cultures, awareness and education.

The Podcast For Gaming Leaders

"The podcast helped me find the right life-work balance and stop feeling guilty for taking days off for my kids. Your guests  inspired me to take a leadership role. Thanks a lot!"

"Your podcast is amazing and it have helped me being more confident in my role."

"I love that you have female guests!

As someone who wishes to have her own studio one day, I've been really inspired!"

"The podcast is fantastic and it was also an inspiration with a few others (DoAC, Thinkerview, etc.) for me to do my own thing."

"I’ve been an avid listener of Rise and Play and have been working with our team with the masterclasses content too. The leadership topic is such an important work for our industry."

"I'm super excited to see a women-led podcast growing! It's a pity I've just learned about it but better late than never, ha. I already shared lots of episodes with my team, very solid stuff there!"

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